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“Just a small farm and a few good mares; the superb foals produced through wise breeding decisions; the recognition of that excellence through National wins; a steady market naturally following such show recognition; generation after generation of exceptional individuals, all distinct in their type and owner preferences. Who hasn’t dreamed that dream, nurtured that dream, embellished that dream, and fastened onto it? All of us, if the truth be told.” (quote by Mary Jane Parkinson, Arabian Horse World)


Blackhawk Valley Arabians may be small by geographical measures, but stands as one of the largest Arabian breeders in America when viewed by influence. Located on just 5 acres in the Bay Area near Pleasanton California, the Blackhawk facility has been home to many National Champions and champion producers. Most notable among them are TW Forteyna, the leading dam of Champions in the United States with 14 of her 16 foals achieving Champion status. Her sons and daughters, their offspring, and a healthy addition of outside bloodlines earn Blackhawk Valley Arabians a position as a leading influence in US Arabian breeding programs.


Blackhawk Valley Arabians is owned and managed by Cory H Soltau, DVM. His breeding program’s inception in 1981 until the present day, has bred some of finest Arabian horses in the world. His dedication, vision, and commitment has brought Blackhawk Valley Arabians to its present successes. And as a small breeder, he is uniquely qualified to help clients and other breeders with advice stemming from his vast experiences. The Blackhawk Valley program bases their success on the recognition that there are several key factors to becoming an Arabians breeder of lasting note: hard work, acceptance of risk, good business sense, and leadership through commitment.


BeyTeyna1web“No matter what their destiny, horses aren’t worth having if you can’t ride them. My objective has always been to breed functional, durable ‘doing’ horses who are undeniably Arabian in type and style – animals which present the qualities necessary to capture National halter honours and then go on to carry a couple hundred pounds (rider and tack) down the Tevis trail, and stay sound in the process. Above all, BVA has focused its breeding program on producing beautiful and athletic horses.


To the end, we have used endurance competition to test our horses physical and mental soundness. Our program has produced two IAHA 100 mile National Champions and multiple Tevis Cup buckle winners including Bey Sonya, a full sister to National Champions Bey Teyna and Shahteyna. Both Bey Teyna and Reserve National Champion Futurity Mare Bey Julie Anne satisfied their performance requirements in Endurance competition. Equally important is a horses fertility and reproductive capabilities. A mares structure to actually carry a foal to term and nurture their foal can be easily minimalized in today’s world in which technology allows mares to procreate without ever having to see their offspring. Stallion fertility is also highly heritable and should also be considered by serious breeders” Cory H Soltau DVM.”

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